Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cutting Costs

I usually cut my Scotch scrub pads in half because they are so large and this way I can get twice the use out of them before they get all nasty.
If and when I remember, I even wash them with my rags. But sometimes they get all yucky and mildew smelling and then they are bound for the trash.

Apparently one of my short-lings in the house decided they would help me cut costs. I opened the drawer and found this:

2x1 inch squares (REALLY?!), but no this does not help as I can't keep ahold of them while scrubbing dishes! Looks like I need to recruit some helpers with tiny hands! Good thing I know 3 of them. While they are at it I think I will have them work on that drawer as well. Looking like it needs a good scrubbing!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I should blog about that...

Lots of the times in the past few weeks/months I have come across something, whether in my daily life or on a blog or website and I've had the immediate thought "I've got to blog about that!". As you poor unfortunate readers of my blog who've had nothing to read from me lately may guess, I have let those ideas slip right out of my head, hands, grasp. That leaves me wondering later on what was it I was gonna blog about??


I do hope there have been much more interesting things on other blogs for you to read about though! I know I have! How lame is this? I feel like I'm having the worst conversation with myself "Don't say that!", "That's so lame" on and on in my head. So sorry.

In the coming weeks I hope to post on some fabulous blogs I've come across as of late. As well as some that are long time favorites.

What's been keeping me busy? It seems like every time Ebay does one of its fab sales (there were two in the past week alone) I drop everything to list like a mad woman. This is necessary because of the massive amount of inventory I have allowed myself to accumulate. All while using the same excuse, I need a faster computer...Well now I have discovered a faster way to list items on those great sale days and I have been plowing right through my inventory. (I will share it in a future post!)

See I am a really great shopper, but I don't always love the listing. Honestly, I get caught up in the shopping and then when I get home it can be a bit of a letdown cuz I think to myself where is all of this gonna fit?! I have a entire coat closet filled with my ebay clothes and items. I also don't love the clutter and the space it all takes up. When I list items I end up dragging a bunch out, piling them up in different piles around the room. Then I'm grouching at my kids for getting too near them (because an item with a grubby hand on it is no longer Excellent condition). After a couple hours or days I get really overwhelmed with stuff and have to cram it all back into the closet whether I have made significant progress or not. But... I am over the moon when something gets a bid and sells, because that means something else is leaving my house! So... as soon as everything is listed I will be a happy clam. The "1 cent" sale they had about a week ago, I relisted 113 things and listed about 70 new things. Then yesterday they had a "Zero listing on 250 items" sale. I had previously sold about 22 things (more than 10% yay!). So I relisted the remainder about 160 items and then relisted about 50 more. So far I have 2 items with bids! Woohoo!

I need about 2 more good sales and I will have everything listed and I vow to NEVER, EVER let it get that bad again. I do not want to carry inventory which has never been bid n for months and months. Everything I buy I will force myself to list that week sale or no sale. I have gotten better and better at discovering what will sell and what will not. I also like listing particular items like skirts, I love to list them, they don't need too many measurements, and a skirt is always something someone will be looking to add to their wardrobe. So in the future my inventory will be more streamlined, condensed. But for now, I have a lot to pray for to sell!

So to continue with this most random of posts, I am going to end on a goal/to do list. Things I have been putting on but really need to get done. Yeah, I've been procrastinating other things too ; )

  1. Clean out my Van (after 2 not so recent trips and a lot of daily messes, it really really needs it!
  2. List everything in my ebay closet - one and for all! After all, I cannot go shopping again until I do! S I know I am missing out on some great stuff!
  3. Weed my rock beds (now that its finally cooler)
  4. Declutter my laundry room (why is it so hard!)
  5. Carve pumpkins
  6. Check out pintrest - I have heard everyone talking about it as of late.
I'm sure can add more things to this list, my brain is just not allowing me to at this time, LOL. After all, I don't get enough sleep (I work 10pm to 2am Mon-Fri) - now do you understand why I've been MIA? I have been here in spirit though!!

Have a great week!