Monday, July 25, 2011

Get Selling!

I love it when it happens, though it  does put a certain amount of pressure on me. Tomorrow (well soon to be today - I'm up late as usual) eBay is having one of its great selling specials! One day only - Just 1 cent to list an item! This works out great for relists, but I also like to use these opportunities to get a lot of my inventory up for auction. I'm getting to list mine just as soon as midnight hits, so I can get as many things up as possible. I'm just taking a short break from picture taking to post this fantastic news. So... if you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

Just FYI, if you haven't listed anything yet this month, keep in mind that each month you get 50 free listings, so after those 50 you will only pay 1 cent per listing, if you can get that many up in one day!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Round Up of Recent Top Sales

Anthropologie FEI Pink Blouse NWT, purchased for $6.99, sold for $22.00
Betsy Johnson Yellow Knit Sweater with teal flowers, purchased for $4.99, sold for $16.52 
Catherine Malandrino Rainbow Wool Skirt, purchased for $5.99, sold for $17.99
Chicos Linen pants, NWT (with some dirt on bottom of pant leg) purchased for $4.99, sold for $22.78
Hot in Hollywood Sheer Yellow Blouse with Mocha embroidery, purchased for $1.00, sold for $11.39 
Lululemon Athletica Peach Yoga/fitness top, purchased for $1.50, sold for $9.99

Sweet Lily Red & white floral skirt, purchased for $2.00, sold for $9.99
Dress Barn floral skirt with lace trim, purchased for $3.99, sold for $9.99
Mountain Hardwear Athletic/hiking/climbing top, purchased for 1.00, sold for 7.99

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is it Google or me?

Sometimes I find a blog that I really like and I want to let the writer know it, or have some other thought about their posting to include. So I click, "comment" and when I'm all done with my note, I click the "send comment" button and then Google asks me to log in. So I do and it brings me back to my comment and asks me to enter a code word, but then instead of adding my comment it brings me back to the screen to log in. And it does this over and over again. Does this happen to anyone else? Or is it me? Or is it Google?

It sure is frustrating!

So I was wanting to add a comment to a sweet woman who commented on my last post, but got the run around through google again, so instead I am doing a post for her.

I want to thank you so much for your kind words. They put my heart at peace.
It's so nice when a complete stranger will reach out to another person in an act of unselfishness and offer support. It's more than the "Human" element you hear of on commercials. It takes a special person, with genuine concern. Thank you thank you for your advice! I truly appreciate it!
Part of me says "Yes!" to her suggestion of putting my blog away for awhile, because I have often considered that very same thing. Another part of my feels sad about doing that. This blog isn't widely read, but it is a small way for me to be creative in a neat tidy place, if that make sense. Sometimes I see even the simplest projects online that I would like to try, but sometimes even those are too overwhelming so I never start them, or finish them. I enjoy reading blogs where women put themselves out there and show what they have accomplished. It's inspiring! Here, I can write and whether or not its received, it's something I've accomplished. One day I hope to write even more, but I know better than to start (a lot of) my aspirations until my children are older. That said, I am thinking of maybe doing just weekly posts for awhie so that I can keep it up but it won't be another thing to overwhelm my time (and mind). Who Says I have to write every day or several times a day?
That said, I'll leave you with my current favorite song & artist. It makes me Happy :) 


Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Struggle

I've not been blogging because, well, I've just felt overburdened with life.
Ever get like that? I have discovered over the last year, that most of the time when I'm feeling this way, its around my "time of the month", in which case I should just give myself a break - right?! Well its that time and I guess right now I just need to talk it out.

About a week ago I saw a movie called 17 miracles that was first off very sad, heart breaking. But also inspiring, touching, and overall humbling. My mom and I cried all through it (a few days later I took my husband to see it, and well I cried all through it a second time, my husband is a bit tougher). You can read about it here.

When we left the theater, my mom said "Boy, the hardest thing I have to think about is when I'll get a diet coke". Which is wholly untrue. My mom is struggling with some hard things. In fact she had a heart attack this week (she's alright after 4 days in the hospital). However, it made her take a hard look at her life. She has decided she wants to fight to take back her life. She has let everything else take over. She gives and gives and gives, and then does not take care of herself. From now on, I'll be beside her making sure she does.

One of the things that struck me most about the movie was at the end, they had synopsises of the characters lives. Several of the young girls after struggling to make it across the plains in such hard elements, later went on to have 13 children! To me, that is a testament of the will and heart that is possible in this life. It made me look at my life and my struggles, and what I'm dealing with now, is nothing in comparison to what I have dealt with earlier on in my life; or what many other people I know are dealing with.

I'm very blessed, this I know, to have come this far. I'm blessed daily. I have beautiful children and a loving husband. I have a faith in God and in my Savior Jesus Christ. I have supportive friends and family. And yet there are struggles. A big burden I have come to realize trouble with is time management. There is so much I should be doing, could be doing. I should be serving more, loving more, spending more quality time with family. I should have a tidy house that makes me feel accomplished. And yet, it is difficult to make myself do anything some days. And I wonder what that says about me? Am I weak in spirit? Why are some things so hard? Am I depressed? I do have 3 small children, but not 13! I hope that they won't remember me as a complainer, or someone who doesn't want to do things. Right now I see myself being to hard on myself but maybe this will all sound familiar to someone out there. Someone who can give me some advice. I welcome it.

There is a book called "If life were easy, than it wouldn't be hard... and other truths", it's by Sheri Dew. I've started to read it, because although I look at my life and consider it easy compared to my earlier years, and to other peoples struggles, I still struggle some days. I'm hoping to find some answers. I know that when I go to the scriptures I am certain to find advice, and I am trying to do that more often as well.

For now, just to voice this out loud is a help. Now its out of my head and laid on the table. Maybe that's all I need once in awhile. That and a bowl of ice cream! Denali Mint Chocolate Cup sounds good right now ;)