Sunday, July 24, 2011

Round Up of Recent Top Sales

Anthropologie FEI Pink Blouse NWT, purchased for $6.99, sold for $22.00
Betsy Johnson Yellow Knit Sweater with teal flowers, purchased for $4.99, sold for $16.52 
Catherine Malandrino Rainbow Wool Skirt, purchased for $5.99, sold for $17.99
Chicos Linen pants, NWT (with some dirt on bottom of pant leg) purchased for $4.99, sold for $22.78
Hot in Hollywood Sheer Yellow Blouse with Mocha embroidery, purchased for $1.00, sold for $11.39 
Lululemon Athletica Peach Yoga/fitness top, purchased for $1.50, sold for $9.99

Sweet Lily Red & white floral skirt, purchased for $2.00, sold for $9.99
Dress Barn floral skirt with lace trim, purchased for $3.99, sold for $9.99
Mountain Hardwear Athletic/hiking/climbing top, purchased for 1.00, sold for 7.99


  1. wow! Most of these brands I have never heard of before! Adding them to my list to watch out for!

  2. Good Job you!!

    I am sooo off the ebay bandwagon at the moment. (selling, not buying *grin*) With school starting up in less than 2 weeks, though, I should be able to get back into the swing of things. My goal is to list 3 things each day minimum.
    Yesterday I sorted my To Sell pile, photographed and boxed stuff and tidied my To List pile.
    I am eyeing my pile of boxed Winter Coats (when I see a Columbia for 2.99 in the middle of July, I just cannot resist it!)- wondering if I should list is sept or october. It is always a tricky dance exactly when to list the coats.