Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I've seen a couple of tutorials online recently for these type of necklaces and decided it was about time I gave it a try myself. First thing to do is gather supplies:
  1. An old teeshirt - it can be shrunken, stained, have holes, whatever. The only thing to remember is that it cannot be ribbed. Also I find the best ones are the seamless ones, (with no seams down the sides).
  2. Cutting mat
  3. Rotary cutter
  4. Sewing Ruler or even a heavy book
  5. A Super-Cute helper/model.
Lay out your teeshirt over the cutting mat (I folded mine in half with arms together)

Measure 1 inch and cut into strips all the way up the shirt till you get to the chest where the arms are (You can also several strips from the short sleeve arms.

Take strip in your hands in front of you.

Stretch strip and the fabric will roll into tube.

The tubes from this old Army PT shirt were long enough for K to wrap around her neck twice.

You can wear plain, or multicolor, or even clip on a hair bow or a sparkly brooch for a bit of extra flair! They are lightweight, versatile and fun! We had such fun doing them that we are in the process of acquiring all shades of tees. That led us to garage-saling and found some steals this weekend! For example a ton of Legos for $2 and a ton of Kinex $2!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finding Marie at Goodwill

My sister in law came to visit over Labor day weekend. It was wonderful for me to have some grown-up adult time and shop Goodwill to my hearts content. No one except her enjoys it as much as I do.

When she lived in Colorado, there were Goodwill stores she would frequent to buy and sell clothing on ebay. When she moved to Utah, where there are no Goodwill stores she was feeling bummed but planned to visit me and get some serious shopping in before returning to Utah where she could sell. We've determined she needs to visit me at least once a month and also to get her Goodwill fix.

So, we're in our 2nd store of the day, and she hold up a skirt which was just funky enough to be something good and says what about the brand "Free People?" I say "Yes!" that's a great one! Even though it was Monday ($.99 cents on a certain color) hers was not that color and so was to be $3.99, still it was a great deal. Plus, she's military, and every Monday is also Military Monday (where you get 25% off any color tag which is not on sale). So on we shop....

When we're in the car an hour or so later, I'm going through the bags oohing and aahing. I spot her Free People skirt and grab it to get a closer look.

Yes, it's Anthropologie, FREE PEOPLE, and has 66170 as the RN#. It's in great condition. No snags, no tears, and it even has a drycleaning tag on it. Nice. But what's this? The name on the tag blew me away...

Osmond, Marie 9 of 10.....whaaaaat?
This beautiful lady?

Well, I was too excited, and my sister in law said "Must be someone else, because she lives in Utah". Nope. She lives in Las Vegas, where she performs her own show on the Strip. Wowza! I know, I'm a dork. But seven degrees, or whatever, I am holding a garment that either Marie or her daughter or somebody in her vicinity touched!! (ok there is always a possibility there is another Marie Osmond out there, and if this were a Merona skirt I would fully admit that it was not hers, but FREE PEOPLE is not cheap). Isn't it beautiful? I LOVE GOODWILL!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I know...

I'm a slacker.
I didn't actually mean to take a hiatus from blogging but well, it has been a month and I can think of no other words for it. I think life just slapped me in the face. Not hard, just over and over. I'm still rebounding. But I have a great post to come...I have been thinking about it for over a week. Just got my computer moved to my living room so here goes...