Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I've seen a couple of tutorials online recently for these type of necklaces and decided it was about time I gave it a try myself. First thing to do is gather supplies:
  1. An old teeshirt - it can be shrunken, stained, have holes, whatever. The only thing to remember is that it cannot be ribbed. Also I find the best ones are the seamless ones, (with no seams down the sides).
  2. Cutting mat
  3. Rotary cutter
  4. Sewing Ruler or even a heavy book
  5. A Super-Cute helper/model.
Lay out your teeshirt over the cutting mat (I folded mine in half with arms together)

Measure 1 inch and cut into strips all the way up the shirt till you get to the chest where the arms are (You can also several strips from the short sleeve arms.

Take strip in your hands in front of you.

Stretch strip and the fabric will roll into tube.

The tubes from this old Army PT shirt were long enough for K to wrap around her neck twice.

You can wear plain, or multicolor, or even clip on a hair bow or a sparkly brooch for a bit of extra flair! They are lightweight, versatile and fun! We had such fun doing them that we are in the process of acquiring all shades of tees. That led us to garage-saling and found some steals this weekend! For example a ton of Legos for $2 and a ton of Kinex $2!

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