Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I've been busy getting ready

I've been kind of M.I.A. lately because I've been getting ready for a Craft Boutique a few friends and  are having this Saturday, Dec 4th, to get ready for Christmas. There will be lots of wonderful items, and you can enjoy free refreshments!. So, if you are town please make the time and come and see all that will be for Sale!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Well, Thanksgiving Day is over. Leftovers in fridges, Black Friday Shopping, Weekend Movies. What kinds of things do you include in your Thanksgiving Holidays?

While there are lots of deals to be had, the thrill of Black Friday shopping as never really caught on for me. We sure like a lot of rest, TV vegging and good food for sure! We watched a marathon of Man vs Food, Taylor Swift's Speak Now special, played some games, ate yummy food. The great thing is, even though we stayed home, the weekend is so not over! More vegging to come! Right now, my girls are having a grandma date, watching the new "Tangled", my son is out running errand with his dad. And me? Well, I love to veg at the computer.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and I hope you have a great weekend too!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Day of Thanks

I love that there is a Day that we as a nation celebrate our Thanks. Not only of our great nation but of all our many blessings!

I have a few things I'd like to share my gratitude for:

1. My Savior, Jesus Christ. He is my perfect example. He has given me such blessings and love immeasurable.
2. My family - I have a young, cute, fun, sometimes exhausting family. I am so grateful for the small and big things I learn from being a mother and being a wife. Life ever slows down it seems, but I am extemely grateful for the blessings included in being a wfe and mother.
3. My extended family & friends - they are so good to us. There when we need them, there even when we don't think we do.
4. My body. My mind. My life.
5. To be an American. To live in this priviledged country with such blessings.

And the list can go on and on.............

Friday, November 12, 2010

Randomness of EBay selling

There are so many products being sold on eBay every second of every day. To me, that is an AMAZING thing. Who could have predicted it would expode into what it is today, so quickly? The person who created eBay is a Genius.

For me, selling on eBay is a fun hobby. As of yet, it hasn't netted a ton of money. Nothing to cough at but nothing to retire on if you get my drift. I really do enjoy it though. Sure, I waste time like nobody's business searching things, rechecking to see if somebody's bidding or even watching my listings. Though I'm sure my kids don't love it as much as I do, and have to endure too many trips to the post office, I think they have come to realize it's a part of life with mom.

It's also tons of fun for me to find the deals. I love it when I come across a brand that looks expensive and like it's gone under the wire and is super cheap. I love to shop endcaps at Target. I LOVE GOODWILL! It is my Garage Sale Extravaganza! My kids love Goodwill about as much as they love Ebay and trips to the post office. However every once in awhile they are pleased when I find something special for them and surprise them.

I've come to realize that while there are lots of companies that sell specific items, I relish in finding and selling a variety of items. More recently I've focused on clothing, but that's new for me and I'm still trying to find my groove in it. I thought it was fun though to go through my SOLD EBAY file and remember selling certain items over the past 6 years. So here are a few to show you what I mean. I'm not going to go into what I bought them for and what they sold for. It's just to show that you really can sell just about anything on eBay!! If you haven't tried it, you are missing out!

Sun Smart Inflatable Crab Flotation device

Winnie the Pooh costume

Artesania Riconada Persian Cat Collectible Figurine

Bjorn Wiinblad Nymolle Vintage danish pottery

Classic Winnie the Pooh Wall Border

Halloween Banners

NBC's The Office stationary
Fisher Price Snap N Style dolls

French Laundry Crushed Velvet Tunic

Owl Halloween costume for a dog

Safari/Jungle drawer pulls

Circo brand Sparkly shoes

AeroGrow Cherry Tomato seed kit

Fun Cinderella doll

Clifford toothbrushes

Hello Kitty lights

Olivia the Pig card game
Betty Boop notebooks
Bob the Builder Hackey Sack balls
Sock Monkey infant onesie
Children's Superman Sunglasses 
Collectible Winnie the pooh mini plates
Charlotte's Web Wendy's kids meal toys
Mary Kay Cadillac Business card holder

Girls Mulan Halloween or Dress up costume 

Plus size Notations sheer top

Infant Sheriff's costume
Left Behind series books -
I loved this series and see them so frequently at Goodwill that I started picking them up.
They sell really easily for me too!
Sesame Street Pony tail holders

Veggie Tales toothbrushes

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My little boy has officially jumped on the Sesame Street train. OK, not literally (because I think there really is one) but he is head over heels in love with Elmo. I remember when my youngest brother (now 20) was two years old and loved Elmo. I think it was when they first introduced Elmo on sesame street (yeah Elmo has been a toddler for over 20 years) . My brother would run around with a little stuffed Elmo calling Mo-mo, Mo-mo! My little boy, is a copy of my younger brother, looks and all.

So. my point in that trip down memory lane is to let everyone who cares know about a sweet deal I came across the other day. Wasn't too hard actually, because Earth's Best emailed me the deal. Get on their mailing list and you too can hear about sweet deals!! They are giving away copies of  this awesome DVD about "Being Green". Fits my lifestyle!! Actually the DVD is pretty cute, my kids have talked me into it twice at the redbox.

All you have to do is go to Earth's Best's to print out the form, and with 3 UPC's from their products, and $1.49 for S&H you too ca be the owner of this DVD! Their website even has coupons. Now let me introduce you to MY favorite Earth's Best product:
You heard me right. MY favorite product. I buy these for me, but I do share them with my kids. They taste just like Ritz crackers, but they are not saturated with fats. Get it? A serving size is like 30 cracker, and they're so yummy! Plus, they're organic. I love them! So I will be heading out now to buy some with my coupons so that I can score my sweet Elmo deal for my little boy for Christmas. 

Monday, November 8, 2010


Ah sweet neglected blog O' mine....
Sometimes life gets in the way
While I wish I could spend my hours on you
there are often others who rule my day.

Ah sweet neglected blog O' mine...
There is so much in my head to share
and time seems to speed on by
It seems too much for me to bear.

Ah sweet neglected blog O' mine...
and friends from near and far
I wish you all the best today
and hope for more time and peace tomorrow.

Isn't this the most shameful piece of procrastination?
Ah, well... From me to you ;)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Favorites from Blogland

Now that Halloween time is offically over (yeah its really 12:01am on Nov 1st and I'm still up), I'd like to post a list of my favorite ideas I've come across. Ones which I will file away for next year. Yeah, these would have been great for this year but I'm not dwelling on that much. Maybe looking forward to Thanksgiving I'll have some more ideas to post earlier so you could actually use them for this holiday and not next year.

Fun Decor Ideas:

Creepy Specimen Art from Tater tots and Jello. I was so going to make this for me and for my sister in law and Never did. See my brother is an Entomologist which is somebody obsessed by bugs and has thousands of his own creepy specimens. I thought this would be a cute idea for his wife to be able to display something a little less creepy for Halloween. Maybe next year Paige! Or better yet we could make them together, I've got all the stuff!

Nap Time Journal shared a tutorial for this FAB witch legs banner.

These candy corn pom poms from Martha Stewart are too sweet! They are a kit you can buy (and I'll be looking for on clearance you bet) or you can use her tutorial here to make your own!

I love these eye ball-y bracelets and pumps from Poca Cosas

Fun Kiddie games that would be fun for adults too!

Jeanetics HAlloween Bowling
Pop Goes the Pumpkin by Martha

Pin the Bowtie on Mr Bones from Parents.com

Fun treat Ideas:

Milano Cookie Ghosts by Blonde Designs

Frankenstein Pretzels from Cute as a Fox
As for Party foods, I love these!

Tentacle Pot Pies from Not Martha

Meaty fingers from Healthy Foods that I'm more than a little grossed out by. I'm not sure I could stomach these.

The most appealing Monster eyeballs from Bee in Our Bonnet