Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Favorites from Blogland

Now that Halloween time is offically over (yeah its really 12:01am on Nov 1st and I'm still up), I'd like to post a list of my favorite ideas I've come across. Ones which I will file away for next year. Yeah, these would have been great for this year but I'm not dwelling on that much. Maybe looking forward to Thanksgiving I'll have some more ideas to post earlier so you could actually use them for this holiday and not next year.

Fun Decor Ideas:

Creepy Specimen Art from Tater tots and Jello. I was so going to make this for me and for my sister in law and Never did. See my brother is an Entomologist which is somebody obsessed by bugs and has thousands of his own creepy specimens. I thought this would be a cute idea for his wife to be able to display something a little less creepy for Halloween. Maybe next year Paige! Or better yet we could make them together, I've got all the stuff!

Nap Time Journal shared a tutorial for this FAB witch legs banner.

These candy corn pom poms from Martha Stewart are too sweet! They are a kit you can buy (and I'll be looking for on clearance you bet) or you can use her tutorial here to make your own!

I love these eye ball-y bracelets and pumps from Poca Cosas

Fun Kiddie games that would be fun for adults too!

Jeanetics HAlloween Bowling
Pop Goes the Pumpkin by Martha

Pin the Bowtie on Mr Bones from

Fun treat Ideas:

Milano Cookie Ghosts by Blonde Designs

Frankenstein Pretzels from Cute as a Fox
As for Party foods, I love these!

Tentacle Pot Pies from Not Martha

Meaty fingers from Healthy Foods that I'm more than a little grossed out by. I'm not sure I could stomach these.

The most appealing Monster eyeballs from Bee in Our Bonnet

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