Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My little boy has officially jumped on the Sesame Street train. OK, not literally (because I think there really is one) but he is head over heels in love with Elmo. I remember when my youngest brother (now 20) was two years old and loved Elmo. I think it was when they first introduced Elmo on sesame street (yeah Elmo has been a toddler for over 20 years) . My brother would run around with a little stuffed Elmo calling Mo-mo, Mo-mo! My little boy, is a copy of my younger brother, looks and all.

So. my point in that trip down memory lane is to let everyone who cares know about a sweet deal I came across the other day. Wasn't too hard actually, because Earth's Best emailed me the deal. Get on their mailing list and you too can hear about sweet deals!! They are giving away copies of  this awesome DVD about "Being Green". Fits my lifestyle!! Actually the DVD is pretty cute, my kids have talked me into it twice at the redbox.

All you have to do is go to Earth's Best's to print out the form, and with 3 UPC's from their products, and $1.49 for S&H you too ca be the owner of this DVD! Their website even has coupons. Now let me introduce you to MY favorite Earth's Best product:
You heard me right. MY favorite product. I buy these for me, but I do share them with my kids. They taste just like Ritz crackers, but they are not saturated with fats. Get it? A serving size is like 30 cracker, and they're so yummy! Plus, they're organic. I love them! So I will be heading out now to buy some with my coupons so that I can score my sweet Elmo deal for my little boy for Christmas. 

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