Sunday, October 31, 2010

Garage Sale BUMMER

I've been planning to have a garage sale for a few months and its never worked out. So finally I figure out I can squeeze one in this weekend, and my husband is home to help out. I have lots of furniture and lots of misc items, because I am cleaning out! Fab right?
Hmmm, here are some bad things that made my sale not so successful: It was super windy after about an hour so things kept flying off of the tables, furniture was falling over, then came the RAIN!
What? It never rains here!! The day I want to have a garage sale, it rains! What are the odds?!
Also my signs with the rain went by the wayside, no wonder hardly anybody came down my street (this I didn't figure out till later). There were 2 other families just houses down having sales too, so my sale was not the only one that sucked. I think I made $6 or $7. We packed all the small stuff into the van and hauled it off to Goodwill. I just didn't need any of it back in my house, it was already out the door - it needed to leave :) The furniture I hope to sell on Craigslist.

The moral - eBay Rocks.
Didn't see that one coming did you?

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