Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Its getting chilly - even here in Las Vegas! And people are gearing up. This week I've sold mostly jackets!
This lovely Harve Bernard by Bernard Holzman sz 8 Trench coat was originally for sale at Goodwill for $19.99 but that was too much of an investment on my part so when it was half off on lades clothing day, I snatched it up for $9.99. Then on eBay, it sold for $19.99!

This Banana Republic had to be relisted 3 times, with lots of watchers each time. No one wanted to commit I guess until this week. I purchased for $8.99 and it sold for $17.49

This night-out-on-the town Avenue sz 18 NWT black velvet dressy jacket was purchased for $6.99 and sold for $13.99

Jackets are something I am willing to put in a bit of an investment because they always come out worth it. But I don't just buy any jacket. I look for ones with real promise, whether its by name brand or quality.

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