Monday, October 4, 2010

That Really Stinks!

See this lovely trench coat / jacket? Yeah, it's Banana Republic. A pretty nice, pretty pricey brand. Apparently Banana Republic gets a lot of exposure on eBay. This is the second Banana Republic item I've had to sell. This beauty I purchased for $8.99. I listed it for $14.99 on a 3 day auction. It got a whopping 137 views!
I've never had that many on any one item. It had 10 people "watching" it. I should have known better, but I expected a battle in the last few minutes of the action. Did it sell for tons of money?? No! All those looky-loo's looked away at the wrong moment and the auction ended with NO bids. I'm so disappointed, I feel like not re-listing it out of spite. But I know that does no one any good, especially me. But I'm frustrated right now. And maybe I'll just wait till tomorrow to relist it. Maybe someone or 10 someones will email me asking for a buy it now option.
We'll see if I accept their offer!


  1. Kudos for using "looky-loo's" in a sentence. I like it! PS. I'm buying a new w/ tags wedding gown tomorrow from the thrift store to re-sell on craigslist. I've been watching as its price keeps going lower and lower. Tomorrow it will be $11.31!! I'm hoping to sell it for $100-120. BTW, would you recommend craigslist or ebay? It's really nice so I hope it sells quickly.

  2. WOW Monique that is a steal!! However as for my advice, I've never sold anything on craigslist though I know lots of people have success with it. I guess I'd list it in both places at the price you want to get for it and see where that takes you. FYI For the next 3 days on eBay you can list any price auction items for only 10 cents. Thats a great deal. Worth a try.

  3. I need to sell things on eBay. I never have before. I will get brave and try!