Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Humanity Spectrum

I'm no philosopher, but when you witness humanity at its worst and best, I believe it causes you to consider life.

I dropped my kids off at school yesterday. I pulled up next to the curb, temporarily parallel parking. My kids and my friends kids all jump out, I watched as they got through the gates, and headed for their classrooms. Then I prepared to depart by checking the thru traffic that is always moving. I looked to my left and realized that the person who pulled thru traffic as I parked, is not in their car! They pulled in, hopped out and walked their kids to their classrooms, or whatever. I was incredulous! Infuriated! Why would someone do that?! There aren't 2 parking lanes! I sat for 10 minutes in my car until I could safely back out into the thru traffic, and get around her. I was mad and had daydreamed smashing into their dumb SUV.

I drove out of the parking lot, and to the post office, dropped my ebay envelopes in the box and left. I drove about 2 blocks, and prepared to turn right. In front of me were 2 cars. To the right of me was a van, which was kind of parked in a bus loading shoulder.

I was still mad at the dumb person who dared to box me in at the school. I was mad at the school staff for not monitoring morning traffic (not that they monitor afternoon traffic very well either). I'm contemplating this waiting for the two cars to move forward so I can turn right. Then I realized what my mind was not registering but my eyes had been witnessing. 3 men had gotten out of their vehicles to help an elderly woman in a handicap scooter who had tipped over sideways and was lying in the street at the crosswalk. She probably has miscalculated the curb slope. She hadn't even moved, too in shock, or didn't know what to do. These 3 saintly men picked the scooter up, then helped the woman to sit up and then gently picked her up and placed her in the scooter. Then they talked to her, made sure she was ok to go on, probably asking if she needed medical help. They smiled and then ran back to their cars. I had witness a beautiful act of kindness.  A genuine concern for another person. I realized I was bawling as the man in the parked van got closer to me. I waved a thumbs up and wiped my tears. He probably thought I was nuts. I was basking in the kindness and love and humanity they had shown, and it wasn't even towards me.

It made my previous encounter seem ridiculous. My hard heart softened as I realized possibly I was supposed to witness this. Or maybe the Lord was trying to teach me how to be kinder. I believe He knows us and our struggles and yet is constantly trying to teach us. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ loves each of us as a brother, as a parent, and wants us to love each other as well. I am a mom, who wants my children to share their good example and be kind to others. I am not perfect, I don't expect others to be either. However sometimes its easy to forget, and we get mad and judgemental of others. We take things too personally. By thinking of each person as a child of a loving God, it is easier for me to forgive and love others. I hope they would do the same for me. I am a Thrift store Shopper, an Ebay Seller, a Mom, a Wife, a Child of God and I'm a Mormon.

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  1. I love this! You always had a way of helping me be a better person when we were kids. I am thankful to you for that and that you did it again today!