Monday, June 28, 2010

A messy situation

The other day I was in Goodwill. I had a bug to get some name brand clothing to sell on eBay, and as luck would have it every item I touched was gold! I was gathering clothes with wild abandon and picking up speed. However, this beautiful scene, was not meant to live forever. I had tried to brave my local Goodwill store with 3 young children (6, 5 & 21 months) and in an instant my fruitful gathering skidded to a stop. I gazed down the aisle at the child who was emitting a rather annoying and loud noise to find that as my eyes traveled back down the aisle to me, there was a nasty line of olive green poo to match the pair of pants I was holding. The poo line led straight back to the poor potty-training pull-up wearer that is my son, who was standing almost embarrassed in a larger pile of it, with more dripping his leg. Empathy over passed the embarrassment and frustration I was harboring, and although I could not and would not scoop him up into my arms with all that stuff on his legs, I did carefully kneel down and let him know it would be alright. I really hoped this was true, and that the clothes around us had been saved from the fate the floor had fallen.

Next, was to alert the cavalry, and luckily for ME, there was an employee on the next aisle (probably come to find out who's kids those were playing amongst the clothes). Unluckily for HER I had a yucky discovery she was going to have to take care of. I told her I would clean it up if she'd just get me some paper towels but she refused. Apparently this is part of their job - yuck! I grabbed my baby by the wrists and hauled him out as best I could hoping he didn't drip anywhere. Thankfully my car was better equipped than my purse and he was cleaned up in a matter of minutes. And BACK into the store we went. My cart was waiting, the aisle was cleaned up, and we were back in business. Although the store would probably prefer we just went home.

I left with about $100 worth of clothes (lots of goodies I'm finding as I'm listing them) and an excitement to post them all on eBay. Oh, and 3 tired children, who'd pretty much worn themselves and me, out.

And today, as I look back on the experience, and can throw my head back and laugh!

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