Monday, July 5, 2010

Missed decor options!

I had an extremely busy week and never got a chance to make some fun 4th of July decor. My decor is really shabby when it comes to 4th of July. So now that I've been able to check up on my fav blogs I have some great ideas for next year and can be looking for stuff on the cheap all year! What I really need to do is get ready for the next big Holiday - Halloween! And well, in my opinion that's one of the funnest to decorate for anyhow!

So for my fav 4th of July smashing ideas for next year -

Alpha Mom - Fun 4th of July Confetti Popper Rockets. Here's the tutorial for how super easy these are! I loved them as decor before I even knew they were real poppers! My kids will love making these!
Eighteen 25 - Beautiful and sophisticated! Love this one. They have an awesome tutorial too. And it can be used for lots of holidays. I think I'll do all mine at once and put them away for future holidays (BOO for Halloween, JOY for Christmas, LOVE for Valentines Day - I really need to think up a good one for Thanksgiving - maybe Gobble? or Thanks.... except both are kind of long)
At Second Street - This flag is inspired! Its beautiful! I love doilies for their intricacy but don't personally like to put them under things to decorate. Mother in law send me a fab one from Europe which in the shape of a heart and framed. I'll post about it around V-Day even though I have it up year round!!
Bethany at The Paper Pony had a great tutorial here on how to make this easy and fun flag for the front door, or wall or anywhere! Even I can handle this craft!


  1. hey emelie it's jennifer from eighteen25. we actually got the stuff at the hobby lobby in utah BUT... and this is very exciting. we are getting our own hobby lobby here in vegas. well actually henderson. right across from the galleria mall in the target shopping center! yipee! can't wait till it's open!!

  2. so glad you found my Wheel o Ribbon idea useful!! I too got fed up with winding ribbon back on the spool hehe. If you have any questions about it, feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment! :D

    PS. LOVE these decor ideas- definitely gonna have to make the framed USA :)