Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Springs Preserve

Yesterday as part of the Target Arts & Wonder Weekend there was free family admission to The Springs Preserve! This place is amazing and I haven't even seen half of it yet.

The Springs Preserve which is just 3 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, is a 180-acre national historic site featuring botanical gardens, trails, historical structures, restored wetlands, wildlife exhibits, a child's play area and a 1,800-seat amphitheater. Indoor experiences include two exhibition galleries dedicated to showcasing art of local and national significance, on-site technologically advanced learning center and interactive museum exhibits, and the Springs Cafe by Wolfgang Puck.The Springs Preserve also hosts seasonal special events including concerts, arts shows and holiday experiences.

It was really expensive when it first opened (in the neighborhood of $20 per person) so we put off going. The last two Christmas's I've wanted to get a family annual pass. This year I think it's down to around $65 for a family pass which is awesome! My mom's already offered to get us one for Christmas this year. One of my daughters went with a school class and loved it! She came home exhausted, hot and happy and raved about it. My other daughter was delighted when she heard we were going, and instead of hearing all the reviews from her 6 year old sister she refused and wanted to be surprised herself!

Saturday, at the Event it was probably easily 115 outside, a ton of people inside, and really loud music but we were glad for the opportunity to check parts of it out ad look forward to going again when its much quieter. They have really amazing gardens, a cool nature Exchange where kids can bring in nature items they've found (like bugs, rocks, shells, seed pods, etc) to trade for other nature items.

If you're interested in the Springs Preserve you can check out their website:
I'm thinking it would be awesome for date nights to go strolling through the gardens, or even through the exhibits to gain some new knowledge!! You know how those momma brains get after endless hours of childcare!

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