Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why I love July

Okay there's watermelon galore, and swimming on a hot summer days, but besides all of that I love July because Target clearances out their toys! I mean serious clearancing. 75%-90% off! If you can, Christmas shop & birthday shop at the end of July every year!! This lot of 14 toy sets (great toys) would have cost $151 and I spent $46! I was able to buy gifts for 2 parties my girls are going to, presents for my baby boy Seth's upcoming 2nd birthday (he's a huge Toy story fan), as well as Christmas presents for all my kids! Plus a couple things I plan to sell on eBay. I personally know that when I was looking for Super Why toys when my kids were really into it, there were none out there! And really right now, there aren't too many on eBay either. My splurge? That Buzz Lightyear costume. I've been eyeing it at Target at $19.99 and talked myself out of it because it was a larger size and Seth wouldn't be able to wear it this Halloween, even though he is a big boy!! But when it was only $9? I splurged. HE'll LOVE it!

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