Friday, July 30, 2010

Hoping for more

Re: More appealing + more sales - I've also decided that people don't like to wait for items to end, I know I don't!! When I'm buying, I hate being outbid at the last minute after I've pined over an item all week!! I don't know the exact facts, and I may be way off, but in my opinion the closer to the end of auction the more traffic will be coming across your auction anyway. So I decided to cut my auctions to 3 days. This also helps in my sitting at the computer waiting while 5 people are watching an item only to find nobody bid on it and I'll have to relist. Here's to hoping for more sales! And... my hopes will hopefully not get dashed as often this way!

p.s. I've already listed a bunch of auctions and already they are getting more hits & bids!! I love being right!

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