Friday, July 23, 2010

VASTLIG Topsy Turvey style planter - ONLY $2!!

I have tried to grow tomatoes two years in a row, fairly unsuccessfully (although this year was better than last because I planted cherry tomatoes). It could be because my thumb is orange rather than green or it could be the awful climate live in! That's why I've been tempted to buy the Topsy Turvey upside-down planters As seen on TV. Those I could hang from my front porch patio cover and the sun wouldn't be able to scorch them like it does in the ground.
Today I came across a truly thrifty idea though - and way cuter than the Topsy Turvey! IKEA Hacker has THIS fab idea on her blog of using IKEA Vastlig bags to plant them in! I love these!! Darn it - Can someone tell me why is it that as such an international city, Las Vegas has no IKEA??? I try to go while on vacation in Utah every so often but I tend to get overwhelmed with lack of time to browse and dream, and lack of space in my van to take everything I want home -plus- my family. If I could just run over to one in my own city I am sure I would be a serious IKEA-holic!

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