Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thrifty or Cheap?

O-Kay, sometimes I think I am being cheap and then tell myself "It's being thrifty" to make myself feel better. Does anyone else do that?

My kiddos really wanted to see Toy Story 3, so we planned to go and kept putting it off, cuz well it's expensive nowadays to go to the movie theater! In Las Vegas we have a great $1.50 theater, Tropicana Cinemas, but there's no guarantee Toy Story 3 was going to end up at it. One day my 6 year old said "Mom it's okay, we can just wait and buy it on DVD or rent it at RedBox." What a little smartie! I should have taken her up on that! Nevertheless, we ended up going Monday night for a fun family night, and alas I should have been ready for the sticker shock - Matinee prices here are $6.75 for kids and $7.75 for adults. To me that's a lot, but we've gotten used to it and RedBox a whole lot more movies nowadays. But, what hit below the belt for me was the fact that Cinemark/Century Theaters now charges for kids 1 and up! What?! I mean is that really necessary??? The fact that I braved the movie theater with my 18 month old should be enough to win me some respect let alone a free popcorn to keep him content, but they don't give those out for less than $5 bucks either!

Well anyway, that led to me writing to Customer Service and voicing my complaint. If they really need to charge parents for their babies, then maybe soon they'll be asking Congress for a bailout, and I should feel sorry for them too. Right.

Should I receive a comment back worthy of posting, I'll add to this post. But till then, I've given them my word I won't be returning to their theaters with my hard earned cash with or without kids, and babies in tow.

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