Thursday, July 22, 2010


I found these babies on the curb next door to my parents house, that and 3 vacuums of different vacuums, but I have a thing about used vacuums, and a rule of never picking them up - leave that for somebody else. When I showed these lamps to my husband he all but rolled his eyes! I tried to explain they were for our room & I am going to spray paint them to something fabulous!! I'm not a hoader, honest but he thinks I have sort of a track record on bringing things home -
  • the great Lazy Boy Over stuffed chair I am going to recover cuz I don't love coffee and that's what the design screams (it's still in my garage). My husband says its been in there about 2 years - but I'm sure its been less than a year.
  • the patio swing (actually I picked this up next door to my parents too) It just needs to be recovered and have a new awning made - its actually been on the side of my parents house for about 2 or 3 years now - I wonder if the original owners snicker at seeing it.
  • My husband brought home about 3 or 4 ceiling fan/lighting units from a job that were going to be trashed - see he loves me! But I don't him they too needed a fresh coat of paint. I just don't do brass-colored. It kind of makes me cringe. They have been in the garage now about 2 months.

Isn't the molding great?! And the shades are still plastic covered! I'd really like to do something great with those!! I plugged them in and even the lightbulbs still worked! What a score! I have been needing lamps for my bedroom - that or a ceiling fan. There is no overhead lighting so we only have light from the adjoining master bathroom. Both rooms are powder blue shades. I'm thinking of painting them white or black, but am open for suggestions on a color to really stand out fabulously!! After all it may be a bit of time before I paint them anyway.


  1. What a great find! I'd suggest painting them dark bronze to compliment your blue painted room.

  2. ooooooooh...close! I painted them today and I think it was called sparkling canyon. They are beautiful! When I know what I want to do with the sahdes I will post a Reveal of them!! Thanks Mo!