Friday, September 3, 2010

SILK SELLS & Other stuff too

Sales have been good, not great, but things have started to pick up. I realized August was slow because I posted like crazy at the beginning of the month and petered off from there. Things got too crazy around the beginning of school. I made some really great sales though, so I thought I'd post a few:

This beautiful The Limited Silk skirt I purchased for only $2.99, it sold for $9.99

This beautiful ALFANI Silk skirt, new with tags, I splurged on for $10, but it worked out for me! I sold it for $19.99

This Chicos Design Silk Blouse I purchased for $4.99 but sadly it only sold for $6.99

I am however noticing a trend here - SILK SELLS! But it's not the only thing - here are a few non-silk items that sold:

This Ann Taylor Loft Polka Dot dress I bought for $6.99 and sold it for $12.50!

Remember this little Girls dress? Yes, I've sold it before. When I saw another at Goodwill I didn't hesitate to pick it up for $1.99 and then resold it for $8.99

This baby was the first of many Halloween costumes to sell. I have a few in the final hours that I'll post later. I actually bought two of these in different sizes for only $4.99 and was able to sell the first for $13.99 and the second has a bunch of watchers, so I hope to sell him for that much or more!!


  1. Oh man! That green skirt is gorgeous! Tell me it was a size 22 or something so that I'm not too jealous ;) What a great find and sale!

  2. Well it was a size large :) too big for you I'm sure! But yes, it was gorgeous.