Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Simply Fruit

When I was a kid fruit roll ups were just a part of school, childhood and just plain sweet! Every Halloween my mom would make fruit roll up bats (cutting the wings out with a cookie cutter and putting a vanilla wafer on top as the body).
Though I'm looking through rose colored glasses and have no actual facts to back it up, I think that they have changed a lot over the years in taste, nutrition, ingredients and of course they now have lots of fun details (cut outs, tattoos, etc).
Nowadays they are so sweet they hurt my teeth. I certainly don't want my kids eating so much sugar or high fructose corn syrup, so I usually talk myself out of them when shopping. It's not too hard. However since the newest product Simply Fruit has hit the shelves my internal struggle is like this:
Simply Fruit is better tasting, made with fruit & juices, has no added sugar or corn syrup, BUT it cost double what the regular boxes cost. So do I pay more for what I want, pay less for what I don't want, or skip it altogether? The last usually wins out. Until today.
Today I found a whole endcap at target of Simply Fruit roll ups on sale from the regular $3.29 for a 10 pk down to $2.30!! But when I go to the register they rang up for $1.64!! So I used a bunch of $.50/2 coupons and got them so cheap!! I'm stocked for the year I think!!
By the way, I've not been paid for this post, it's all my own thoughts and jargon. I wouldn't however be turned off if General Mills came across my blog (yeah right- haha!!) and sent me a caseload! Wouldn't that be nice?! I'd have to do one of those giveaways 'm always reading about on blogs.

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