Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time Travel Trash Thursday - Miniatures

As a pre-teen I remember collecting miniatures. I remember reading a book about miniatures at the library so many times that I should have just bought it.
I'm sure I used some of these with Barbies but I think most were post-Barbie phase and I had shadow boxes to hold them in. My girls have used some with their Barbies as well, but their Barbies were donated in December and some of these went as well. Just looking at the picture brings back enough memories that I don't feel it necessary to fill my home with them, no matter how small. After all stepping on a small thing can be so painful!! I mean who hasn't known the pain of stepping on a Lego? Ooooooooooooo! That hurts just thinking about it.
Farewell Tiny things!

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