Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A little Comic Relief what I found this morning on my camera, after my 7 year old inadverdantly flooded my bathroom, closet, bedroom, basically half my upstairs. It happened to leak through the  kitchen air vents downstairs before she realized she had never turned off the tub water. Catastrophe!! Anyhow, this guy made me laugh:

As well as this little guy who was measuring his apple and told me
"My, six!"

It's cute, but also funny because he is the reason that I don't measure a lot of the clothing I list on ebay. Occasionally I do, when I FIND my measuring tape, but he is always taking off with them (I have several), and now I have proof! When people ask me for measurements I usually have to grit my teeth and scour the house for a measuring tape.

Aside from waking up late (I work nights 10pm-2am) to my daughters hysteria over the flooding, and the disaster of the flood itself, today looks to be gorgeous! The sky is so brilliant blue it is giving me flashbacks of childhood summers playing in the sprinklers.

There's a sprinkling of big fluffy white clouds (never mind a few pesky gray ones) and a slightly cool breeze. It makes me want to get outside and run! Run away from this messy house complete with every towel in the house soaking up water and a lot of soaked clothing which will all need washing. It's my 2nd daughters' sixth birthday, my little guy has already told me he wants to go to chucky cheese (which we promised for his sept). I'm going to take my little girl a special lunch and eat in the cafeteria with her and her friends. I'm so happy to be alive today! It is going to be beautiful day if I allow myself the luxury of enjoying it!
What are you going to do with your day?!

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