Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nearly 2 weeks

I've been MIA. Sorry about that. I actually do have several posts that I've been working on, but I decided to keep working on them and in the meantime keep blogging. Cuz, I do love to chat and I've missed chatting with you.

A couple great things...

I got to spend a kid-less weekend with my husband and a few of his brothers and their wives in Colorado. We got a really great price on tickets and had some important reasons to see family and just went for it. It was a fun, fast, much needed get-away. I wish I could say I came back all refreshed but like I said it was FAST. Friday night to Sunday night fast. Now had I had a week there, I would be ready to get back to life. But here it is Wednesday and I'm already tired of this week.

I sold THIS on ebay this week:

It's a Anthropologie ODILLE brand blouse. Feminine, ruffly paid $1 for it, sold on eBay for $46! This ranks up there among my top 5 sales ever I think. Boy I wish I would make a $45 profit on every item! I was really psyched and it got me motivated to keep on listing.


  1. I seriously need to try doing this one of these days. I scored an Anthropologie white sweater for only $1 at a yard sale the other day.

  2. Wow! Way to the dream we all are aiming for!

  3. Good work! That's awesome. Anthropologie is so hot right now, I'm sure anything from there would sell really well so keep your eye out.