Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm sad to admit I've always been a lousy Goal-achiever. I'm great at making and listing Goals, but the oophf that comes after and leads to success seems to get lost somewhere. I don't know for sure, but I think that its because of my personality type. I'm not really sure how to change that.

Regardless, I plan to continue to keep Goal-setting and this time I am going to switch gears and set goals strictly pertaining to eBay. Kelly, over at MyDearTrash has set and achieved some amazing goals (i.e. Family Trip $4000+; a new computer $2000+; and now she is planning on paying for her daughters wedding costing $5000 in only 5 weeks of eBay selling) and she achieves her goals very well in a short period of time. In the past I've just used my eBay money for whatever comes a long, bills, food, gas, etc whatever. Now I'm thinking I need more focus to make this really worth it, and not just a hobby. Because if I'm being honest, my favorite part is the shopping ;) I need some push to get my clothes actually up on eBay so they can sell, and I can do more shopping ;)

So, that being said here are some goals (in no particular order) that I'd like to achieve with my eBay profits:

  • Pay Off my credit card debt
  • Buy a new computer (to make listing way faster)
  • New couch!
  • Gym Membership
  • Landscaping
  • New Washer/Dryer
  • Shopping Spree at Down East Basics (this one goes a long with my losing weight goals ad my Gym membership Goal) I just LOVE their clothing
  • Food Storage
  • Take my kids to Disneyland
  • Silhouette machine
  • New bikes for everyone in the family for Christmas

So... what are your goals? What gives you the drive to work harder & smarter?
Its kind of fun to make a list!! Go to it! Some of the things I want feel lofty and will take time others can be achieved in less time than you think if you just stick to it. I've seen it over and over with Kelly and have faith and hope that it can work for me too.


  1. Oh, I am the same way! I get sidetracked. My goal was to list 30 items this month. I have listed absolutely Nothing! The part with the photos really messes me up. ( Ditto with the blog posts) I think the problem is that I have Picassa and the deal that comes with Windows. I am never sure where the photos actually ARE.
    I spent an hour last week just working in Picassa trying to get comfortable with it and organizing photos. Organizing?? I deleted all the photos of my kids! I cried and then read how to get your deleted photos back.
    This is my 2nd attempt to leave a comment. The first time my battery died right before I posted.
    This goal setting and goal accomplishing stuff is trickier then it seems!
    ~ Christie

  2. What great goals you have. I've been dabbling in ebay for the last few years. Not regular about it, but did enough to take my family of 5 to DisneyWorld last fall. Now, I"m trying to be more serious about it. Although I would love to do as much as My Dear Trash, I just don't have the time. I have started making weekly goals. Usually I just set my money aside for vacation, but after our next trip, its going towards DEBT! I blog about different things I find to resell if you want to check me out.