Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ice Cream Chore Chart

Spring Break seemed like the perfect time to institute a regular chore system in our home. Am I a mean mom? I don't think so. I'm making it fun! And a week with my 2 older kids home from school meant lots of good practice. I intend to make Spring Break next year the beginning of an annual Spring Cleaning time. My kids are 7 & almost 6 and fully capable of handling small jobs.

To make it fun I drew then copied sheets of ice cream scoops and added all kinds of jobs to them. Everything from wiping all the door knobs in the house, to cleaning all the toilets, to tidying this room or that. Pretty much I summed up all the jobs that could make our home much cleaner and tidy most of the time. Then I laminated the ice cream scoops and an ice cream cone with each persons name on it and taped them to our pantry door.

The goal each week would be for each person in the family to do a different chore each day (i.e. no one person gets to gather shoes each day that would be too easy) Monday thru Friday, and then each person would have a designated laundry day. So by the end of the week we should have a tidy house, 6 scoops on our ice cream cone, and thus earning the treat of the week: an ice cream sundae any choices of toppings. In addition, they could earn 10 cents extra for any jobs done after the first 6. Ever the over-achiever, by the middle of the first day my oldest daughter had 7 scoops ad was angry with me for asking her to slow down and relax. When their dad got home from work they began hassling him to catch up. 

I put the jobs up as I need them done, until then I store them in an old ice cream bucket. I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. And as more jobs are needed, I can make new scoops and add them to the bucket.

The first week went really well with my oldest earning 12 scoops total, my middle earning 10, dad got his 6, I think mom earned 13 and the 2 yr old earned 3 but he got his ice cream anyway! He's a happy little helper and will grow into it with this system.