Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

We had a terrible morning this morning, me and the kids. I woke up late, found that the kids were just playing around, not dressed for school, and so immediately I had the urgency the get them there on time but they were not feeling it. After a lot of crying and then yelling, followed by more crying, we got to school on time. Miraculously that is. And then I did what I swore I would never do. I parked the car and ran after my kids and apologized and for my bad behavior and having mercy on theirs, and got completely gushy with hugs and kisses and brushing of hair (which had been missed at home). I'm so thankful that they love me even though I'm not a perfect mom.

So! I need something fun and light to lift this day to the clouds ~ after all, it's April Fools!

Does anyone have any fun ideas for April Fools? For kids?

I've been reading online and have come across these ideas but even though they are great ideas (which is why I'm sharing them) they don't seem to work for me at this time:
  • Say you're pregnant; get a pregnancy kit; 
  • Fill their car full up with filled balloons (I almost pulled this on my mom cuz she always leaves for work super early and she would have time to take care of them, she's just lucky that I don't get up early (and got up late today)).
  • Food mix-ups (like making dinner out of dessert items) or frosting sponges to look like cake, that sort of thing. Actually the grossest one I found online was dipping bouillon cubes into chocolate to look like candies - yuck!
  • Leaving a message for them to call Mr Lyon or Jim Panzee with the number for the Zoo
So if you're reading this and have a good idea for kids please let me know!!

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