Monday, April 11, 2011

Upcycle Your Jars!

They called it a Pickle Jar Project, I'd say its's more like a Thrifty Gals Apothecary Jar (have you priced those? I cannot believe their ridiculous price tag).

Eighteen25 shows us that even us Thrifty Gals can have some chic home decor! They used just these items

 to make these fab showcase jars!

The great thing? You probably have most of this stuff at home (are you a jar hoarder? there are more of out there than I thought) and if not, its fairly cheap - even the glue! The only thing I a not going to do is use pickle jars - I hate pickles! And I definitely don't want any pickle tasting candy. Although that could curb my appetite. Hmm...there is hidden merit there. Anyhow I used a hot fudge jar on my first one, and will probably use fruit jars on my others. I am pretty sure my kids will agree to eat all the fruit I need them too.

Check out their great tutorial here. I decided to post this fab find before finishing mine but I hope to show those to you soon - 1 down 2 to go!


  1. Love this idea. They will work so well on candy buffets!!!


  2. thanks so much for sharing the pickle jar project!! i hear ya on the pickle tasting candy, but you are right, it not only keeps me from eating it... it keeps the kids out too!! haha.
    jen :)