Friday, April 22, 2011

Stick Up Cups!

Here's a neat idea!

Check them out at and get a FREE one!

They have several different packages if you want one for each member in your family! Boy I wish I had a fridge with a water fixture in it. I still think these would be great to have, but really the best if kids can just get their own water and then hang their empty cup on the fridge.


  1. Just purchased a set of two. Thanks for the post, Em. I hope this will help my children to stop using so many cups and then leaving them half full and forgotten for the cat to knock over.

  2. So glad Autumn!! Just remember they have to be empty to hang on the fridge. That may be the only learning curve :) Something childlike in me would like to put a full one on the fridge just to watch it crash down.

  3. Seth will do that! grandma