Thursday, March 31, 2011


I love to read! I am one of those people who would like their own library so that my kids can go in and fall into another world for awhile. Our world can be a bit tedious, if you ask me.

We have seveal big bookshelves full of books (mine is 2 deep LOL). I have lots of books I have never read but will eventually because they look good ad I'm always reading. I always buy books at Goodwill. In fact I think they have spoiled me at their 99 cent price. I'll never buy another full price book again. I just look for it till I find it. And I usually only buy new looking books. I'm kind of a snob that way I guess. I want a fab price for something brand new. I know it's second hand, I just don't want it to look that way. LOL.

Another thing, I love books in series. When I was pregnant with my first child (and after I'd seen probably the first 3 movies) I read the Harry Potter series. I'd come home from work, get into the bathtub and settle in to read Harry Potter. One time my husband came in and I said can you bring me to bring my book because I'd left it in the bedroom. I hadn't realized I'd said it, my husband looked at me quizzically and said "Hairy Potty? LOL. We've called it that ever since. When I was pregnant with my second child I read the Work & the Glory series. I was talked into this series while in a bookstore and they were preselling the movie that was coming out. It looked good to me but I'd never read the book and declined until the saleslady said "You get the first book free". FREE?! That is the magic word for me. I pre-ordered and took my free book home. The next day I came back and bought the entire series which I can tell you was not cheap (that was before my serious thrifting days). I knew that I was going to be on maternity leave and (thought) I would have lots of time to read. I read them quickly and mostly before I had the baby. And while pregnant with my 3rd baby I read lots of random books but also a lot of the Left Behind series. I really liked this one and it kept me wanting to continue. All 3 of these series were like that. One series I have not completely embraced is Lemony Snickett's Series of Unfortunate Events. I'm not sure why, but I just don't like them. Maybe it's because I don't like hearing "You really aren't going to like what happens next, but I'm going to tell you anyway because...". I find that annoying ad from what I've read, its non-stop a lot of that. Anyhow, that doesn't stop me from selling them though. And that leads me into the point of this post.

I sell series books on ebay!

 As I come across them I pick them up, because there is always someone reading a series who needs those next books.
It started with the Left Behind books. I was reading/waiting for  library copies and  kept seeing them at Goodwill, so I started collecting them for myself. But I would forget which copies I had and would end up with duplicates. So I decided to post them on ebay in groups, like 3-5 or 6-8 and found that they always sold! I don't make a huge profit off these, but I like the idea of getting the books people want into their hands, for cheap. If they are not current books people have a hard time finding them. I've consistently sold these series: Left Behind; Lemony Snickett's Series of Unfortunate Events; Magic Tree house. So, currently I have a sale book shelf in addition to all of my other bookshelves.

And go ahead call me crazy.....but I also consider it an alternate form of fuel storage, in case we were ever say quarantined and needed to make a fire. Is that terrible?

Above all, I just love to read!  And I know I'm not alone!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I always see the Left Behind Series at Garage Sales and thrift shops and never thought it was worth any serious money. I just looked up the completed listings and WOW, you can make a nice little sale with those lots. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when I find the twilight series to resell.

  2. Your idea of fuel is so funny! Love it! My husband would say hats off to you!!
    I never thought of reselling left behind series! I see them all the time but figured that means no one wants them. How much do you sell 3 books for in that series?

  3. I LOVE Michael Crichton and John Grisham (remember Temple Trip 1993?). I also loved Harry Potter. I cried so hard when I read the 7th. I've recently gotten into Michael Connelly. My dad had about 15 of his books and was done with them and was going to give them to the DI. I told him I would take them. I'm hooked!