Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hideous Thrift Store Pieces

Though it would probably be redundant, I considered calling this post Really Hideous because in my opinion that is what I am about to expose you to. One day I was at a local Goodwill store browsing the clothing when I saw this piece of work that stopped me in my tracks:

I looked at it for way too much time considering "who would wear this?" and "what was this designer thinking?" and lastly "what purchaser thought this would bring in a sale?" I decided there were quite a few people responsible/to blame for bringing this item to production. I had to snap a picture, if only to show it to my husband, who would laugh instead of being bowled over like I was. Anyone think I'm being overly dramatic here?
Well soon after, down another aisle, I was accosted by several other such masterpieces and I thought I'd share them with you. Some are just ugly, some hideous, and others just plain weird. People probably thought I was weird taking pictures in the aisle while they were trying to shop. Oh well, it was fun.
So....Tell me which one you hate the most.

This one has a tag inside that says "An Original Made By Nikki" mmmm, mmmm, mmm

This cami was entirely crocheted (or knitted - sometimes I can't tell the difference). Unfortunately other than being u.g.l.y. in my book, it would need something underneath to be appropriate.

The rhinestones and cut out shoulders + the hideous fabric = Yikes

I think there were good intentions with this one, but it just didn't look right to me. It had long elf like sleeves so it could have been part of a costume.

Okay, this is is pretty u.g.l.y but could've easily been someones uniform. Poor soul.

This one looked well, strange. There was just too much going on. Different kinds of lace, appliques, beads, plus the whole thing was sheer. It was just too much of not a good thing. It had new tags from Stein Mart, a brand called Passion Concept. The original retail price $98 (right). There are others listed on ebay for $39.99 but I have my doubts they'll ever sell.


  1. Oh my, you found some winners there, didn't you! My vote is for the denim and lace vest shirt thingy. Yikes. Original for sure. The last shirt would actually be kind of cute if it didn't have all the lace appliques in the middle.

  2. Agreed. The last one was the closest to normal, but the lace was all so different and cheap looking, plus I mentioned it was sheer, but it was really like sheer netting. Strange.

  3. Poor Nikki :) Looks like something I would've been proud of...kind of like the puff-paint desert scenes I used to draw on sweatshirt(s) ...there were quite a few!! :)

  4. Forest green cut-out with rhinestones!