Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kids Room organization ideas

I know I should take a before & after set of pictures to document the progress of a much needed Kids Room redo, and maybe I will but my camera situation is a real stinker right now (I actually have 3 partially working cameras). So for now, a description: 3 kids, 1 set of bunk beds, 1 toddler bed, 1 bean bag, 1 large dresser, 1 packed closet = 1 tight uncomfortable situation which leads to 1-2 kids in mom's bed at night. This is because mom's room is light, airy, open, cool and comfortable. My idea is to Craigslist the dresser, it is a really great one but I no longer feel its necessary (100 thing inspiration). Instead my husband is going to build shelves into the bottom of the closet (after I empty it of everything non- child). Their shoes will go along the bottom, and each kid will have 2 cubbies for clothes. I'm hoping it will help them keep their school uniforms handy and home clothes separate. Then on top will be little baskets for undies and socks. The hanging section of the closets will be for all the girls dresses, sweaters and coats. I need to rid it of all the parents coats & out of season clothes. Then the top of the closet (shelf) will hold their "growing into" buckets of clothes, which ironically right now are in my closet taking up room!
Then I think we are going to say good-bye to the big denim bean bag. Either it will travel to mom & dads room, or it will travel out of the house. I think it's time. Right now my little guy (almost 2) sleeps in it at nap time and bedtime because it is more comfortable than his little toddler bed. So instead, I think we will also get rid of the toddler bed and give him his own twin bed (my mom has an extra). And for his birthday maybe I'll go ahead and get him a buzz lightyear bedding set. He would be over the moon. And his sisters think that is the only way he'll sleep in his own bed.

I should mention that because I have my 3 kids in one room to sleep, this gives us a second room for all their "stuff", toys and books. The bean bag could end up in there, but I think it is actually just too close to the kids room and would make for an easy night time jaunt.

My girls have recently requested some sort of basket for their beds for their special dolls. I know, they should just sit on the pillows right? LOL. Since my girls have bunk beds I was thinking along the lines of planter boxes or something but nothing seemed right until I saw this!

The Mother Huddle has a fabulous tutorial on her blog of how to make these cute hanging baskets! It took a novice sewer like me about 3 times to re-read it before I fully understand and think I can tackle this project, but I am so excited to try! Although I think I will make them smaller so that just one or two will fit in each basket.

I also like this idea for a couple special books - a book sling!
On her blog post, PennyCarnival not only has a great tutorial, but also showcases book slings from other blogs. You've got to check it out! Some are very trendy and great for living rooms! Problem is - now I want to do them all over the house!
I will probably make some sort of coordinating window treatments to the baskets and book slings. But all of that cannot happen until I have a working sewing machine. I do however have lots of fun fabric that I can start dreaming of how things will turn out!

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  1. Emelie, I don't know if you saw the other post describing how to make them smaller, but it is super easy. And you shouldn't need anything in the bottom if they are smaller than what I made in the picture above.
    Also, decor bond or craft bond, or fuse-a-shade works great too. Just take it nice and slow when sewing the final seem, and your needle will get through just fine!

    I have had my eye on the boo slings for awhile and had not seen this tutorial, thanks for sharing!

    If you have any questions let my know, I will help!