Friday, August 20, 2010

Livin in Las Vegas

When you live in Las Vegas, you tend to not get too excited about "The Strip".
At least that's how I feel. I rarely go anywhere near it. When friends and relatives come to town, they spend time down there occasionally, but I can't remember the last time I did. Some host I am, right? It's just so unappealing to me. And I don't really like crowds, waiting in line, and paying too much for too little. Also, living in Las Vegas, you tend to block out the sounds of slot machines as you walk into the grocery store, the pharmacy, and gas stations. At least I do. I forget about them until I am in Utah and things are a bit too quiet when I go into the grocery store, pharmacy or gas station there.

When it comes to gaming, I prefer a fun site called I can play slots (and lots of other games) there for free and meet friends. I play with a gal from California and one from Utah. It's so fun, and it's free! You can earn prizes too. When people hear I'm from Vegas they always laugh that I'm playing online instead of on the Strip.

Tonight we went with some visiting family to see a neat attraction at the Silverton Hotel (which is off the strip, just south, almost at the end of town). They have an amazing salt water aquarium with tons of fish, rays, sharks and...mermaids! They are pretty fabulous. I've heard they are Olympic divers but I cannot confirm or deny that so for now I just plain believe it. They blow kisses, play patty cake, kiss the fish and rays. They are fabulous. My two little girls, and little boy, and my niece were enthralled and I was rather enchanted. My husband, he was hungry. Which is why we visited their buffet. It was, EXPENSIVE, but probably comparable here in Vegas. Sometimes just can't get over the sticker-shock. But that's cuz I'm cheap and cuz I don't get out too often. It was friday, and it was seafood night, but for my family of five (my baby being free of charge) it was $88. The food was good, but since I don't eat much seafood, and neither do my young kids, I don't see how it was worth it, except for the time out with family, and the great time seeing the fish & mermaids (but those were free anyway).

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