Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Might as well go out of business

Olive Garden that is. Now that I have learned to make copy-cat versions of Mozzerella Fonduta, Alfredo sauce, and Zuppa Toscana, I don't ever need to go back there, unless I'm forced??? "Mom this soup is BETTER than the soup at Olive Garden's! We don't EVER need to go there again!" She was preaching to the choir there my friend!

Anyhow, their prices have risen in the last few years not unlike all other restaurants, to the point where it just doesn't make sense for us to eat out. My 6 year old daughter said as much at dinner the other night.
My husband laughs when on dates nights I pull out my coupon-file and look through the restaurant coupons. And lately Restaurants like Sweet Tomatoes and Quizno's rule out anyway. Both very tasty and less expensive than a restaurant with waiters. Who needs to spend fortune on date-night? Not us!

I'm working on putting together a cook-book of my fav recipes (of course none actually created by me- I'm no chef- I just pretend), most restaurant worthy ;) in my opinion!!!


  1. I agree! Last time we drove by Olive Garden my 7 yr old exclaimed "Look! Olive Garden! I want to go there again!" (i had gotten a free gift card and stacked with coupons) What did you like from there I ask. 2 kids said the cokes, 1 kid said the root beer. *sigh*