Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wishing for a partner in crime

So remember the post I did on decluttering? Oh, yeah! It's the one right before this one. Well, this week should have been a great decluttering week, a great anything week. But alas, it has been a rather crummy one that I wish I could have a do-over on. What a wasted week. I have spent a lot of unproductive time on the internet (something I do when I don't want to face reality), not enough attention and time on both my house and my kids. And that stresses me out even more because in a week they start school! In a week I'll have time to worry about my house so I'm still on strike when it comes to cleaning, but my kids and I need a last hurrah! Boy, I need some ideas for that. Thrifty ideas. Which probably means more web-surfing till I get some good ideas. Good thing they're in bed for the night.

In a week though, I'll really be pinning for a partner in crime to get my house under control. See, I always figured myself for an organized kind of gal. Truthfully I like to organize, and I like to BE organized. Yeah, I get lazy when it comes to picking up clothes and dishes, and all the stuff my kids drag all over the house. My mom says I do really well organizing in small spaces. You open up a closet, and there it is! Organization! But my counters, table tops, floor - they can get a tad bit CRAZY cluttered. It's all the stuff that doesn't fit in a small organized space. But it's a work in progress. A week ago was my birthday and I kicked my kids and husband out (sent them camping - literally) and had myself a gals night in! 13 of my closest friends helped me celebrate 31 and my house was spotless and cheery. A week later I am wishing for a rewind.

I have a couple gals in mind that would be great partners in crime for fighting the mess -
  1. My sister in law Monique. She is a faithful reader of my new blog and just one reason this post is actually on now. Every time I log on I see that she has several times since. How wonderful! But probably disappointing for her when I'm not updating enough. Anyhow - she is fabulous at looking at a drawer of junk and saying - what are you gonna do with this? do you need this? THIS is trash - right?

  2. My cousin's wife Tristan. She is excellent when it comes to organizing. She has great tips because she used to work at a daycare center and things have got to stay organized in a place like that! Her house is so comforting and tidy. She also has a real knack for decorating, especially for Halloween!

  3. My dear friend Danielle. She has some serious stamina when it comes to decluttering. We can go from room to room and come out with bags of stuff to get rid of.

All three of these gals are fabulous when it comes to keeping things under control. For the most part their houses are tidy, company-ready and clear of clutter. And I've got to say they all have great style when it comes to decorating! Oh, what examples you are to me! Too bad you all live far away. Texas & Georgia are, well... not close enough to come help, but I can keep you in mind while I'm whistling and working. There is hope for me!

And that brings to mind this favorite clip of mine:

And lastly a favorite quote of mine:

Cleaning your house
while your kids are still growing
is like shoveling the walk
before it stops snowing
~ Phyllis Diller

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