Monday, February 28, 2011

I (Heart) Anthropologie

It was by accident that I came across these 4 items... or was it?
MyDearTrash had suggested a month or two ago to learn the Anthropologie brand names because they sell well. At the time I thought it was sound advice, but did I learn them? No. As if the universe was prodding me these practically fell into my lap, or should I say jumped off the rack into my arms?
The first was a nice pair of cords which were excellently made and had pretty stitching and detailing (bling). They are Twill Twenty Two and when I brought them home and searched, Anthropologie popped up. I though Boy! I got lucky!
Twill Twenty Two Blue Corduroy pants sz 22 purchased for $4.99 sold for $9.99 - not a huge profit but I got smarter after this...
MOTH sz S Red knit top with beautiful crocheted collar, purchased for $4.99 sold for $13.99
This one was a Little Yellow Button top with Anthropologie tags attached. It was really nicely made and I loved the tiny little yellow button that was attached to the manf tag inside. I purchased it for $2.50 and it sold within an hour for $19.99 

And last but not least... this Odille dress was new with tags but I did not know it. I picked it up, put it back, picked it up again and put it back again. The third time I reconsidered I thought, "What the heck? It will be my newest wild card." It was only $1.99. It was really nicely made, and the best part was the tulle and tatted lace underneath. When I got it home I stuffed it into my To-Do drawer and didn't pull it out for another week and didn't list it then either, and after anotherr week I pull it out and figure I'll try and get rid of it. I don't know what it was, the print on the skirt just bugged me. It looked more like yarn balls than flowers to me. Anyhow when I pulled it out to check sizing and material, Lo and behold there was an Anthropologie tag attached with an original price of $128!!!! I was floored. I listed it at $19.99 or buy-it now at $26.99. It sold in less than a day at the buy it now price!! I think this is my best selling story of all time.

And now - I watch for Anthropologie tags like a hawk!!!


  1. Way to go!! I wrote down all the names so I, too, can look for them. A very interesting post.

  2. Emelie,
    Thanks for the link up to My Dear Trash- looks like you had some great finds! One suggestion I'd make is to try one week with no buy it nows. These Odille skirts can go up to the $40-$50 range when they're new with tags. From the sounds of this post I think you might be selling yourself short on some of your buy it now prices. I'm so happy that your goodwill has picked up on the 1.00 day idea- happy shopping.