Friday, February 4, 2011

To Die For Orange Chicken

See those happy lttle Panda Bears holding their Oranges?
That is how I feel when I think about this Orange chicken. Now I have never been into Chinese or Japanese food. However, I do like some good Lemon chicken. In my experience that has been hard to find. I just don't like biting into weird pieces of chicken. But if I make it on my own, I love it. I rarely have time to do that though.  A friend introduced me to this chicken and I have been in love ever since!!!
It is by Hart brand and the bag says that there are 6 generous servings. That would be really generous. I think you can easily get 8-9 servings out of the bag, but I do have children so maybe my serving sizes are off. There are several different flavors you can buy, BBQ and Teryaki being the only other flavors I've seen. She keeps telling me that pineapple flavor is the best, so if I ever come across it I will have to give it a try. For now, Orange is my love.

You just bake the chicken fritters in the oven for 15 min, mix into the sauce which is in separate packets. And over rice it is divine!!

By the way, Food 4 Less carries it for about $3.98 on sale and regularly $4.98 ?? a bag and at Smiths it was $4.39.

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