Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wild card

Over at MyDearTrash the girls talk about buying a wild card, that is an item that could sell or could be more of a joke you end up with. I decided to try my hand at my own wild card, and bought this baby a couple weeks ago. However it took me some time to list it because I wasn't so sure about it. However I didn't want to keep it for my own, so I listed it.

The label said Fransesca for Damon & Jack Slote Las Vegas, and it was a size 16. When I tried to do some research on the web, I didn't get too much other than the feel that this dress was vintage. One because of the look, and two because Jack Slote Las Vegas was a dress shop that used to be downtown and is no longer around, and three someone posted about mobsters buying their wives dresses at this store. Funny background huh? In the end, I purchased it for $2.50 and after first accidentally listing it without a picture, it sold the second time around for $11.73!

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