Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Aren't these wonderful?!

Okay some background?  These Keen brand shoes for older my daughter, who's feet just keep growing. She can't seem to help herself ;) We spotted these at Goodwill today and with a price of $5.99 they could not be passed up. If they hadn't fit her I could easily resell them on ebay. These are the awesome shoes her dad wears for hiking, adventuring, canoeing, relaxing, well almost all the time. The BEST thing in her opinion? "They're pink!" Of course. At REI these babies are $50. The adult version are $95. We have been blessed in finding these on steepandcheap (a website I'm very remiss in blogging about since we love it so much - a post of that soon) for around $35.
So that's our steal of the day, and yes they fit my sweet girl, just in time far Valentine's!

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