Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rain, rain...

I love the rain! And living in Vegas, well we hardly get any! However someone dumped a bucket on the western half of the US (sorry I have no idea whats going on elsewhere) and it has rained for most of the past week!! I love it! Somehow it seems like nothing bad can happen in the rain.Yeah, I know that's not possibly true, given there are always more accidents around here when its raining. And it is sad that our neighbor's blow up Santa & snowman have drowned in the puddles. But to me its like the world is being washed clean and the only people out in the rain are good people. Nice right?! Plus, when it rains, it smells wonderful. I love to listen to it, I never bother with an umbrella, and I love splashing in puddles!

Delivering Christmas cookies tonight couldn't have been more blissful! I was hoping for a white Christmas, but well, here's to a wet one!!

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