Thursday, December 9, 2010

Time Travel Trash Thursday - Troll Doll

I decided to start this weekly post to archive some of my trash so that I could part with it. My Time Travels will take s back in time with items that we hold onto for no other reason than to remind us of the past. I've decided it is time to let go of some of my trash.

Have you ever held onto an item that you don't particularly like, just because someone gave it to you? I have.

Have you ever held onto an item just because you spent money on it?  I have.

Have you ever held onto something just because it reminds you of good (or bad) times in the past? I have.

I finally decided to break the cycle and out an end to some of this madness. to help me with such a quest I have enlisted my camera (a very useful item) to help me document some items so that I can just go ahead and pass them on. Because after all a picture is worth a thousand words right? Well, sometimes less, in my opinion. Should you ever see something that YOU find value in, just email or post a comment and hopefully it will still be in my giveaway pile and I can pass it on to you. Please don't clutter up your home needlessly though.

Today's Time Travel Trash?
The Infamous Troll Doll

Isn't this baby cute? It's one of the mini's. I think it is probably 20+ years old. Crazy right? Guess that means it's sort of vintage. I may post her on eBay. Do I need to hold on to her any longer? No. My memories include being with friends in a basement where we played with them. That's all. Course I was only maybe 8 or 9 years old, or even younger. See ya later Troll! Of course my kids did think she was awfully cute with the naked bum, and insisted I document that as well.

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