Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time Travel Trash Thursday - German things

I can hardly believe it, but Time has flown and a week has passed like a minute.
It is time again for another post about my trash from the past which is gradually deteriorating with no continued love. When you don't love something, or have no real attachment (or even sometimes negative feelings towards) it is time to get it outta your space (and face)!
Case in point:

This is a coin purse from Germany where I lived as a child. So German or So touristy? I've no idea. I just don't want it anymore. Bye-Bye.

This second item I pair with the first because it too hails from Germany. Smarties are like the German equivalent to m&m's. If I remember though, they have more chocolate (and a higher grade than our cheap American stuff) and a bit of a harder shell. They usually come in a tube similar to a mailing tube but palm size. This little palm-sized Lego-like box is probably about 20 years old. And my kiddos wanted to open it and share it. Yeah right.  Bye-Bye.

1 comment:

  1. Good job Em!!! Proud of you for letting them go. I, too, have been working on getting rid of stuff.