Thursday, December 23, 2010

Time Travel Trash Thursday - Christmas

This year I actually gave a way a lot of Christmas decor things that I'd had too long and didn't appreciate anymore. It felt good to give to friends, family and strangers really from my donations to the thrift stores (even my 6 yr old daughter felt the spirit of Christmas and gave away all her Barbies because she was tired of them and thought there must be another little girl who'd appreciate them).

This one was from way back though. It's a Time Travel Trash Treasure! And since it's Christmas in two days, I thought it was perfect. It's such a tiny little thing and I have no recollection of where it came from or when it came to me. It's cute, but it's clutter and has got to leave my hands.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas and receives all the joy and fulfillment that they need this season. Much love!

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